How to Find Wireless Router’s IP Address on Windows PC

This tutorial will teach you how to find the IP address of your wireless router on windows PC/Laptop. Follow this tutorial if you have forgotten the default gateway for your wireless router. Routers are electronic devices which help in connecting multiple computer networks via wired or wireless connections. Nowadays, you will find a wireless router in every house which has an internet connection. However, these routers can be configurated as per your requirements only through a specific IP address. Each router is associated with an IP address and can be configurated through that IP address only. The IP address of your router is also required to connect two devices to the same router.

An IP Address (Internet Protocol) is a unique string of number which is used to connect each device to a computer network that uses the IP for communication. Every IP address is separated as four numbers by periods. IP addresses that start with 192.168 use in-home network. In many computers, the router’s IP address is displayed as With a self-installed router, you can get the IP address (assuming it wasn’t changed at installation) from the manufacturer’s documentation. Sometimes it is printed on a label at the bottom of the router. Also sometimes router manufacturers use local domain names, for instance tplink router’s use of an IP address, make sure to check the back of your router. If you are using a TPLink router then you can login at it’s the admin page at

It is same as other manufacturers, but on Linksys router, you can see the IP address will be on the Status page in the Internet section.

NETGEAR routers are the fastest router which exists, and they might call this address the IP Address. It is listed in the Maintenance >> Router Status screen.

IP address does two main functions:
#1 The first one is Location Addressing.
#2 The second one is Network interface identification.

Now as we have understood what a router is and also what IP address is let us move forward and talk about how to find the router’s IP address in Windows.

Why do we have to know the router’s IP address? How will it help us in any way?

#1 Router’s IP address helps to determine what IP Address to type on the web-browser’s Address bar when accessing the router’s web-based setup page.
#2 Helps in assigning a Static IP Address on a computer to determine what IP range and Default Gateway to assign the computer.

How to find the routers IP address in Windows?

Step 1- Click Windows key+R button (Run window will appear).

Step 2- Type cmd ( Command Prompt window will display on the screen).
Step 3- After that type “ipconfig/all” then press the Enter key.
Step 4- It will show the Windows IP Configuration, Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection, Wireless LAN adapter, Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface and Default Gateway that displayed on the screen.

An Alternative Method to this problem is:

There is another method of configuring IP address automatically. This can help to save some time instead of entering manual IP settings.

The steps are followed:

Step 1- Here there are two ways to locate Network and sharing center:
#1 Go to Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center.
#2 Click on the wireless icon on the Taskbar (It will be located on bottom-right) and click Network and Sharing center.

Step 2- Select ‘Change adapter settings’(In the left-top pane between Control Panel and Change advanced sharing settings).
Step 3- Right click on LAN(Local Area Connection) and select ‘Properties.’
Step 4- Select Internet Protocol Version4 (TCP/IPv4) on the LAN Properties window and then click on ‘Properties.’
Step 5- You have to make sure that two radio buttons to ‘Obtain an IP address automatically‘ and ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically‘ are to be selected.
Step 6- Click on ‘OK’ button to save the IP address.
Step 7- Click on ‘Close.’

Now, your computer is configured the IP address automatically.


This is how you can search for your router’s IP address on a Windows device. If you have any queries regarding the methods or the steps mentioned above then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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