Infographic: 10 Tips to Avoid Camera Hacking

The camera is now part of our daily lives. It became one of our most important tools to consider when we decide on buying a new computer or smartphones. From taking a picture of our meals to capturing the places we go, all can be recorded through our cameras. But have you heard about web camera hacking, and how does webcam can affect our cybersecurity?

What is Camfecting

Camfecting, a term used for the camera hacking in the field of computer security, is the process of attacking into a person’s webcam. The hacker can activate the webcam of a certain computer without the permission of the owner. It is done by infecting the computer with a virus to gain access to its camera. Not just the webcam, wireless routers are also prone to hackers and crime doers.

The problem is that not all users are aware of this camera hacking issue. What most of us know is when we do not share private information with strangers through the internet, we are safe enough. Unfortunately, no! So, how can we avoid camfecting to secure our data and our own selves?

How to Avoid Camera Hacking or Camfecting

Here are the top 10 tips on how you can avoid the camera hacking. We hope that you can learn from this infographic to secure yourselves from hackers that may ruin your lives forever.

10 Tips to Avoid Camera Hacking

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Some Reminder

Think of your security first before doing any action. A camera may just be a little equipment, but it can cause harm to everybody. Don’t forget to keep yourselves away from attackers by following the tips included in the image above.

If you have any question or concerns, please drop them down in the comment box below. We also want to hear any of your experiences regarding camera hacking and how you solved this issue.


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